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The slots are spinning - the money is rolling to your card. This action is easily repeated and gets more profitable with 4rabet. Online casino slot games exit for not that long, although they have become worldwide acknowledged. The slots are much more attractive when they are presented with authenticity and optimization to every system. 4rabet slots are an unessential part of gambling weekdays - constant promotions and updates are keeping 4rabet on the top. The slots have a special place at 4rabet’s hall of fame: dozens of precisely picked slot games are already waiting for you. At this moment, there are more than 5000 online slots at 4rabet - every single of them is provided by legal companies, which are developing casino games for a long time. We would like to draw your attention to these slots: Buffalo Power Megaways, Jelly Boom, 777 Gems, Book of Sun.

What are online slots 4rabet?

Real money slot machines are common in any casino. One of the reasons is that it brings the most profits to the casino than any other casino that has played it. However, the slot machine is a real money casino game where players insert coins into the slot before spinning the reels. Modern slot machines use computer software to randomly generate results. Therefore, the reels are only there for show, whether you are playing in a land-based casino or an online casino. 4rabet online casino slots can reflect the spirit of any epoch, so you do not have to build a time machine to feel how it is like playing slots in an on-ground casino of XIXth century.

How to play online slots at 4rabet?

The slot machine games and this type of game are one of the most popular and prosperous in their colors and attractiveness compared to the rest of the online casino games. A casino that offers slot machine games earns billions of dollars because of the players who play this type of game and also because of the players who are always looking to win the jackpot. And the question always remains for slot players, how do you beat online slot machines? Slot games are one of the hardest games where winning is hard. So, some strategies have been developed that you can follow to increase the odds of winning and to answer the question of how to beat online slot machines? Here are the most important of these strategies:

Handle your money smartly and carefully.

The percentage of profit or the percentage of return in winnings in slot machine games ranges between 80% and 98%, and the percentage of profit returning to the player depends on his ability to succeed in the game. Many online casino sites offer payout rates for slot machine games according to the casino clubs. However, there are sites that do not provide profit rates or returns to the average player, so those players who can access the percentages of returns in casino clubs publish them on the Internet or on sites specialized in this matter. So, research slot machine payouts: choose the highest payout machine so you can increase your winnings and odds. If 4rabet terms are attractive to you, then dig in.

Set money limits in the game: Before you start playing, set an amount when you double the win and also an amount when you lose. If the profit percentage has reached the value of the doubling that you specified, stop playing, and if the loss has reached the value you specified, stop also and do not continue playing and withdraw. Make Long-Term Plans: If you decide to start playing slot games, you have to make several points:

First, determine the gaming budget that you will spend.

Second: Determine the number of playing days and also the times you will spend playing.

Third: Divide the budget that you have determined, by the playing days that you will spend in this place.

Fourth: Divide a share of the money by the number of hours or times you will spend in this game.

Fifth: For example, if you go to a city and plan to stay in this city for 5 days. And I set a budget of $2000 for slot games and casinos. After you divide the budget by the number of days, the daily gambling percentage is $400. When you divide this amount into stakes according to the number of hours you will spend per day, the amount of gambling in 4 hours, for example, is $100. Therefore, the percentage of loss that you will bear if you suffer a loss is $100.

Even if you are playing online, you also have to specify the time, the number of hours, and also budget as mentioned.

Make precautionary plans when playing: You may be surprised that you have exceeded the amount and value of the money that you specified before playing and because of the credit cards you withdraw additional money to complete the game. And in order to solve this crisis, you have to bring money in cash and do not bring any credit cards with you when you play. Or, use a credit card that has a low balance of money so you can limit the amount of your playing budget. Also, agree with the game mates to stop playing when a certain amount of money is reached.

Sign up for casino slots permanently: sign up for a casino so that you can enjoy the bonuses that the casino offers. And choose the most suitable casino in terms of the offers it offers in profit returns after making a comparison between many casinos.

Play with plan or strategy, not randomly.

When answering a question like How do you beat online slot machines? We must devise a strong strategy to increase the probability of winning. Among the most powerful of these strategies for solving the problem of how to beat online slot machines are the following:

Choose a slot machine with a low prizelist: It is known about slot machine games that the higher the payout ratio, the more difficult the game. So in the beginning, choose a machine with a low reward in return. This machine may be similar to the rest of the machines when playing, but it has the lowest prize at the end of the game.

Choose a high-end slot machine from the rest: of course, there is a discrepancy in the category offered by the machine. A machine of a dollar is better than a machine of a quarter of a dollar, and a machine of a quarter of a dollar is better than a machine of pennies. So choose a slot machine of the highest category possible.

Choose a great site when you play: The machines that pay big payouts are often the most popular casino slots site to attract attention.

Choose what suits you: you have to remember that luck is a key factor in gambling even though there are playing strategies. So you have to play your own style and not depend on those around you.

Find out which slot machine you will be playing on:

Choose a machine with a real spin: The spin slot machine features a real spin with three or five reels with printed symbols on them.

Learn about the symbols on the reels: The symbols printed on the balls are brightly colored images, fruits such as cherries or lemons, and shapes such as hearts and bells.

Choose a machine with a fixed or accumulating prize: There are two types of slot machines, one with the highest payout and an accumulator machine. Always and regularly there are numbers that must be found to take the grand prize. In the accumulating machine, there is an indicator that shows the amount of increase in the direction of the jackpot.

Place a bet when playing on the slot machine: you must enter the game bills or coins before starting the game and then the account value will appear equivalent to what you paid.

Collect Winnings: Slot machine games are won by collecting the symbols that appear on the so-called playing line.

Know the rules of the game before you start playing: If you can't understand the game ask those around you how to play before you start the game.

Game Tips:

  • To answer the question of how to beat online slot machines, follow these tips:
  • Don't be fooled by the idea of hot and cold machines that some casinos and some players are peddling to others. Play the machine that you feel you like and suit you and enjoy playing without getting lost in this popular idea.
  • Look closely at the advertisement on the slot machine before you sit down and play and know the terms and conditions of this machine.
  • Warnings when playing:
  • Don't just play to try to make up for any loss, it could cost you more.
  • Know when to stop playing and set a specific amount to play.
  • Do not be deceived by the sites that publish on their pages (it is a 100% profit strategy). We know that there is no strategy that guarantees full percentage profit.
  • In order to win and be able to answer the question of how to beat online slot machines, you have to follow correct strategies without being deceived by what is happening around you

4rabet online slot games

777 Gems

"777 Gems" is the contribution to the world of minimalist slot games made by game publisher Booongos. Rather than going for a pure fruit machine theme as base inspiration, the game designers mixed some classic symbols (bars, bells, and sevens) with some standard gem symbols.

That's the only innovation in this game, otherwise "777 Gems" does as little as possible, but what this slot does, it does well.

An over design is really well done in their presentation, the designed dark rose color is amazingly matching the black part of the image. The optimization allows you to feel the mechanics of the game without any trouble, but not overdone for such a simple game. The winning animations emphasize exactly what needs to be emphasized, but there is certainly nothing overbearing in this slot game.

The simple background music does its bit not to affect the reduced atmosphere of the game in any way.

Eventually, this game can definitely be placed in the online slots textbooks with its simple design and unassuming ambiance.

And the gameplay of "777 Gems" is also kept as simple as the whole game itself. This slot consists of a 3 3 grid where three matching symbols hit on the reels payout, but only on a straight direct connection. This means that there are only five pay lines in total - the three horizontals and the two diagonals.

If you manage to hit nine identical symbols at once and all three reels are completely filled with it, the slot not only pays out on all five win lines, but your winnings are also doubled.


If there is one digital online slot machine that probably every gambler in the world knows, it has to be Starburst. Starburst has certainly also contributed to Netent being a big player among game developers today. The game owes its popularity to a high RTP of 96.01% and high winning possibilities. From time to time, terms like “fairest machine” also appear in conversations between players.

On five reels, each with three rows and 10 pay lines, red, blue, green, yellow, and purple diamonds cavort and shine in competition. A wild symbol adds variety and occasionally triggers an expanding wild respin. The fun mode available on this page is ideal for a brief insight into the slot machine game.

Levels and coin denominations are used to set bets. Players have the option to bet between $0.10 and $100 per spin (INR rates are the same). The winning symbols are very clear, as there are no additional playing card symbols. There are five different diamonds in different colors, as well as a red 7 and the bar symbol. The multicolored diamond is the wild and substitutes for all other symbols.

In the Starburst slot, wins are always generated when at least three identical symbols appear on a pay line. In combination with the wild symbol, two-game symbols are enough to generate a payout.

In addition to the wild feature, the wild activates a respin feature. This happens as soon as the wild spreads out on the reel and completely covers it. A maximum of three free spins are possible at once.

The prize categories start with the diamonds and end with the bar symbol. The latter generates the highest payout in the entire game. Small wins in Starburst cannot be wagered in a risk game.

The multicolored diamond, which is also the wild symbol, can only appear on reels two, three or four. If the wild expands to cover the entire reel, you have won free spins. During the free rounds, all wilds are kept in their positions, which means that big wins can happen quickly.

Overall, the feature is limited to three spins, but can be activated again and again in the course of the game with additional jokers.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo's Quest is certainly one of the world's most famous slot machines of our time. The slot takes players on a journey with the explorer Gonzo. A special feature: The symbols fall from the sky onto the reels.

We go over the game mechanics and all the bonus features and functions of the slot. Also, we show the best online casinos for Netent games and Gonzos Quest. With additional tips for maximizing profits, the fun is doubled!

Unlike regular reels, they don't spin in Gonzo's Quest, instead the winning symbols in the form of runes on stone blocks fall from the sky, Teris-style.

Of course, this slot game also comes with free spins and a wild symbol. The bets are made in the form of coins and are equivalent to between $0.30 and $300 per spin. The game is played on a total of 20 paylines that cannot be varied.

As usual, at least three identical game symbols are required for a win. In addition, the multiplier for the win changes with each subsequent win up to a maximum of x5. However, if the wins are not consecutive, the multiplier will start over and over again at x1.

The winning symbols themselves are all runes with very different multipliers. The biggest possible prize is a whopping $225,000.

The wild symbol with the question mark substitutes for all other symbols. There is also a golden Free Fall symbol that triggers the popular Free Spins. There are also multipliers in the free spins.

Free Spins & Gamble Games on Gonzo's Quest

Landing at least three Free Fall symbols activates the Free Spins feature. The free rounds can be extended if at least three scatters appear again. Risk games were not implemented.

A systematic game is possible using the coin level. One or the other may know this tactic from roulette, although it is of limited use in Gonzo's Quest.

After each spin, the next higher coin level is chosen if no win is made. For example, if there is no profit on coin levels one, two, and three, but there is a profit on four, the cycle starts again at coin level one.

Since the strategy is risky, it is advisable to try it only with a fixed budget.

With Gonzos Quest, Netent has managed to create a slot game that is varied, fun, and appealing at the same time. You are guaranteed not to get bored when playing online slots . This machine impresses not least because of the special game mechanics and Gonzo himself, who does all kinds of nonsense on the sidelines. The wild symbol and the free spins also add a healthy dose of variety to the gameplay.

If you want to take a look at the machine first, you have all the time in the world in the demo mode at 4rabet